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Thai Yoga Therapy Hatha Yoga   Hypnotherapy Acupuncture Psoas Core Awareness
Sports Specific Pilates for Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Running


Weightloss     https://www.myjavita.com/wellnesscafe



Universal energy technique to activate and balance the chakras for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Cheryl 617 923-1115

Scottish Highland Dance

Victoria Major 410 474-5160

MELT® Method Intro Workshops

MELT is a self treatment to: Improve athletic performance Relieve aches and pain Increase awareness Gain flexibility and strength Relieve stress Get whole body rejuvenation Feel better.
Join MELT Instructors Leah Becker and Matt Auerbach for a 90 minute class using MELT Hand and Foot Balls and MELT Roller to stimulate and relax hands, neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet. Feel what MELT can do for your body!
The MELT Method® self treatment is science-based, easy, affordable, and offers results in minutes a day! More in The MELT Method book


Core Awareness

12 hour Psoas Workshop NCBTMD CEU approved

Learn through experience how your Psoas muscle affacts skeletal integrity, joint rotation,muscular tension, breathing, emotions and organ functioning.  with Liz Koch

http://www.coreawareness.com           liz@coreawareness.com 646 205-0617 


MenSex&Money®: A Conversation for Women

     connect deeply with a circle of women;

     talk about our sensuality, sexuality and what gives us pleasure;

     consider powerful, alternative viewpoints about our relationships with men;

     discover a variety of communication modalities for winning in relationships;

     examine principles regarding money and finances as they affect our relationships;

     grant ourselves full permission to ask for and receive everything we want.

Location:                                Waltham, MA


www.successappeal.com   415-755-7787     Karen@successappeal.com     

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